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3 Stories, 3 Submissions, 3 Updates

I managed to finish the two stories I was working on in time to submit them to their competitions. It was down to the wire, and if I’m honest they could have used more time, but I’m happy I pressed myself and finished

Warhammer Underworld's Garrek's Reaver's Painted

Writing Partner: Working With a Group, Part 2

As I discussed in my last post I took a break from my book to write a new short story. It was a weird one and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Well, I finished! It’s also turned out quite well. What’s more surprising, is that this project’s writing partners turned out pretty nicely in their own right.

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Some Assembly Required

The crib was one of those kit builds. Just twelve pieces total and all the hardware was included. Even so, John struggled with it.

The Haunting Of Hill House

A Spooky Ghost Song

I was watching The Haunting of Bly yesterday and reminiscing about how much I loved The Haunting of Hill House when I remembered something. I wrote a silly rap song about the series last year. This seems about as a good an opportunity as I’ll ever get to share it. I hope you enjoy!

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HPSP S1 Ep 12 – Little Hope and the Journey of Supermassive Games He Plays She Plays

Jacob and Daeva try to explain their love-hate relationship with Supermassive Games. Jacob says "ludicrous" a ludicrous number of times. Happy birthday, bro!Spoilers for Until Dawn. Hidden Agenda, Man of Medan and Little Hope. 
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  5. HPSP S1 Ep 8 – Final Fantasy 8 and the Sea of Missed Opportunities

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