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Writing Partner: A Fiery Element

I’m still working on my second draft. I’ve nearly finished the basic grammar and typo editing and will soon be moving on to passive language, description, and the topic of this blog – dialogue.

Cthulhu: Death May Die Shoggoth Mini Painted

Writing Partner: Catching up With Cthulhu

As you know I closed up my NanoWriMo challenge on day 13 but I’ve been picking at my novel actively since then. My new book, The Birch Island Chronicles, is at that awkward stage now where it’s got all its structure but it probably isn’t worth reading. I need to get it to readable so I can get some feedback on it.

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Some Assembly Required

The crib was one of those kit builds. Just twelve pieces total and all the hardware was included. Even so, John struggled with it.

The Haunting Of Hill House

A Spooky Ghost Song

I was watching The Haunting of Bly yesterday and reminiscing about how much I loved The Haunting of Hill House when I remembered something. I wrote a silly rap song about the series last year. This seems about as a good an opportunity as I’ll ever get to share it. I hope you enjoy!

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HPSP S2 E7 – Tell Me Another Story about the Shepard (Mass Effect Legendary Edition Part 2) He Plays She Plays

Jacob and Daeva continue to argue about the best Bioware romance, and reminisce about their various play-thoughs of the Mass Effect universe.
  1. HPSP S2 E7 – Tell Me Another Story about the Shepard (Mass Effect Legendary Edition Part 2)
  2. HPSP S2 E6 – Best in the Universe (Mass Effect Legendary Edition)
  3. HPSP S2 E5 – Big Ladies and Bloodied Hands (Resident Evil Village)
  4. HPSP S2 E4 – Great Game, Terrible Trophies (Final Fantasy 9)
  5. HPSP S2 Bonus – E3: Thoughts and Reactions

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