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The Haunting Of Hill House

A Spooky Ghost Song

I was watching The Haunting of Bly yesterday and reminiscing about how much I loved The Haunting of Hill House when I remembered something. I wrote a silly rap song about the series last year. This seems about as a good an opportunity as I’ll ever get to share it. I hope you enjoy!

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Some Assembly Required

The crib was one of those kit builds. Just twelve pieces total and all the hardware was included. Even so, John struggled with it.


I see it if I close my eyes.

Some three years past and by,

A man I barely recognize

Left a small flame here to die.

Writing Prompt: Not For You

He chewed a bit harder on his pencil, suddenly lost in the heat of his most recent memories of her. The smell of sweat, those terrible motel sheets, her soft dark skin.

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HPSP Ep 10 – Sinking City: Descending into Jank He Plays She Plays

In the first of their spooktacular Halloween games, Jacob and Daeva play Sinking City and get lost in a sea of jank. Daeva steals the game from Jacob due to backseat detective work and Jacob gets merked by a teleporting Shoggoth.
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