NaNoWriMo Journal – Day 7: I Passed 30K

Current Word Count: 30149

Hello All!

The title says it all, I cracked 30K today. That means that even with yesterday’s low count I’m still on track to finish next week. Then I can spend the rest of the month slowly editing and refining my new book!

In other news, He Plays She Plays is back in business!

He Play She Plays Podcast

After almost 4 months off air we just posted a new episode. It’s a Mass Effect special just in time for N7 day! If you want to check it out, you can download it here.

I’m pretty happy with today’s progress. I”m hoping to get even more done tomorrow and hit that elusive 5K+ mark.


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My name is Jacob Marsh. I am an emerging writer currently swimming around in the Puget Sound looking for fresh fish and even fresher ideas.

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