He Plays She Plays Podcast: We’re up to 8 episodes!

He Play She Plays Podcast

I have mentioned a few times that I have been recording a podcast with my wife titled He Plays She Plays. We’re now up to 8 episodes! I haven’t been creating posts for every episode, I know that would probably get annoying. I have, however, embedded a player on my home page and left links for various players in my “About” page. From here on I will only post about the podcast when we hit milestones, for example: if we ever finish the Chocobo Challenge.

On that note, I have embedded a player below where you can find our most recent episode. I go on a rather fun rant about halfway through. If you enjoy it please pass it on to a friend or loved one. We’re still growing and learning so word of mouth and feedback is extremely helpful.

HPSP S3 E6 – Dante Rex (Devil May Cry) He Plays She Plays

Jacob and Daeva take a trip back to 2001 for some ironic 90s flair. 
  1. HPSP S3 E6 – Dante Rex (Devil May Cry)
  2. HPSP S3 E5 – Holiday Hades (Hades)
  3. HPSP S3 E4 – Git Gud or Get Laserbeams (Elden Ring)
  4. HPSP S3 E3 – Monster Rancher 2 Redux
  5. HPSP S3 E2 – Who's Story is This? (Final Fantasy X Part 2)

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