Writing Prompt: Not For You

I’m still working on the final article for my Upping Your Game: Fallout series (turns out it’s taking more research than expected) so let’s fill the void with another writing prompt. The basic idea for these going forward is that I’ll use one of the various online writing prompt generators to create a piece of flash fiction. I won’t spend more than an hour on it and it will have minimal editing (which is why the word count isn’t perfect). Let me know if these work for filler posts. I think they are more interesting than writing about not having things done as fast as I’d hoped to.

So without further adieu, here is the prompt: Write a 150 word story in the romance genre. It’s about a struggling musician and should include a pencil. Also use the sentence ‘Not for you.’ Bonus prompt: There is a great storm.


Not For you

Brian stared at the blank page before him. He needed a new song for his set. Something that would really bring the crowd in. Something real.

Chewing on the end of his pencil, he thinks about her. Stephanie. 

His pencil found purchase in those memories.

When I am caught inside your gaze

I’d let my life fall in a blaze

Into your eyes that cut and pierce through me.

And though the world may find them cold

That fiery passion makes me bold

and you become the only thing I see.

“Is that too saccharine?” Brian thought to himself. “Not for you.” He chewed a bit harder on his pencil, suddenly lost in the heat of his most recent memories of her. The smell of sweat, those terrible motel sheets, her soft dark skin.

He was jolted from those pleasant thoughts by the chime of his cell phone.  He had received a text from his wife.

“Who is Stephanie?”

Published by Jacob Marsh

My name is Jacob Marsh. I am an emerging writer currently swimming around in the Puget Sound looking for fresh fish and even fresher ideas.

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