He Plays She Plays

He Play She Plays Podcast

I just wanted to make a quick post highlighting a project I’m working on with my wife. We just launched the first episode of our podcast He Plays She Plays. It’s a gaming podcast where we discuss the games we play together.

We’re treating it like an audio journal to chronicle the fun we have gaming together and share our stories and anecdotes. It’s sometimes informative and analytical, but more often, pretty silly.

If that sounds like the kind of thing you might be interested in, you can give it a listen using the player below. We’re still learning, so let us know what you think!

HPSP S3 E5 – Holiday Hades (Hades) He Plays She Plays

Recorded before anything else in Season 3, Jacob and Daeva chat about the game that stole their Christmas vacation. Cyberpunk who?
  1. HPSP S3 E5 – Holiday Hades (Hades)
  2. HPSP S3 E4 – Git Gud or Get Laserbeams (Elden Ring)
  3. HPSP S3 E3 – Monster Rancher 2 Redux
  4. HPSP S3 E2 – Who's Story is This? (Final Fantasy X Part 2)
  5. HPSP S3 E1 – Minions and Mini-Games (Final Fantasy X Part 1)

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