Writing Partner: A Cute Monster

D&D Carrion Crawler Head

I finished the query letter For my book Everyday Monsters. Fingers crossed it properly embodies the book I wrote. As I have mentioned before I’m new to the concept of selling my works and I haven’t written a lot of these. luckily there are a lot of resources online with advice and examples. I also leaned pretty heavily on the instructions in my copy of Writer’s Market. I linked the most recent version, mine is from 2016 so it’s probably time for an upgrade.

As I do with all my writing projects I picked a thematically relevant mini to paint while I worked and this is how my latest writing partner turned out:

D&D Carrion Crawler painted.
He’s a slimy little friend but I like it!

Not as cute as the monsters in my book but it has it’s own charm. He has the kind of brash vibrant colors I was hoping for but I do wish my highlights and transitions were a bit smoother.

I ran into two issues with this mini: the first is his design and the second was the wash I used. If you look at the mini you will see he kind of has segments, but he also doesn’t. This made it hard to highlight as I had to create the sort of texture I wanted with my paint instead of it being built into the model. The Wash compounded this issue. When I washed the mini the pigment didn’t have a lot of recesses to fall into and it ended up giving a really mottled look. So I had to build up my transitions a second time because my wash didn’t smooth them out so much as cover them in a new texture.

I also could have worked more on his base, maybe added another layer to his teeth, a third layer to his eye transition, etc. However, I have new things to work on and it’s time to move on. My weekend project is looming and I need to prep my next writing partner. But first, I have some manila envelopes to toss in the mail…

Wish me luck!

Published by Jacob Marsh

My name is Jacob Marsh. I am an emerging writer currently swimming around in the Puget Sound looking for fresh fish and even fresher ideas.

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